Monday, October 10, 2005

week 1 critiques

Comments for Erin...
I guess I'm still a little confused about how this whole process works. I'm assuming from the length of your descriptions of each article that this is your "weekly analysis." So am I supposed to look up each article and critique them, or are you going to summarize some of your major findings and we can critique that? Since your comments are more descriptive than analytical, I don't know how to offer much of a critique. Anyway, I was able to navigate fairly well through most of your sources, and they were very interesting. You have at least convinced me that any assessment of the U.S. Economic Puzzle must take considerable note of its central piece (Wal-Mart). Would it be possible for you to summarize some of the key arguments and what various “experts” have to say about them? Another thing our team seems to need is a clearer unifying "theme." Otherwise it will be difficult to determine what should be added to our wiki.

Comments for Justin...
Bro, the first thing I want to say is thanks for putting your heart into all this. You obviously care deeply about these issues, and we need to maintain that sense of passion. And I appreciate your bringing in somewhat of a unique source in The Great Gatsby. In terms of critique, some of your assumptions confuse me a bit. You speak of focusing on personal ability to make money as a bad thing, but at the same time you seem to think that individualism is a good idea. You back up this idea with the constituation...while the constitution may be important in answering the question, "How can we be faithful Americans?", it has less value in answering how we can be faithful disciples of Jesus. I suppose the problem seems to be that you assume the value of what you blame for the negative situation of our country's economic problems. If I have misred you, feel free to set me straight. 

Some of your statistics were very helpful...this info has my vote for being included in our wiki, although for now we should probably enter it in list form (rather than as a part of your overall plea in this entry). 

One of the things you mentioned were "relaxed social norms." What do you specifically have in mind, and how do you think that we as the church should approach this issue?

By the way, nice use of the word paltry. Thanks for the hard work man. Welcome to the group.


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Just to let you know... I'm pretty sure that our comments to eachother aren't supposed to be on our own page. Just click on the lower left of a person's post where it says "_ comments" and it will let you leave one.


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