Friday, October 14, 2005

week 3 resources

Here are my resources for the third week. The first three are the ones I recommend that you guys look at. I’ll provide analysis very soon. Sorry the links aren’t done right—I forgot the formula . . . Mike, could you email me an example of how to do the link thing? -- written from a Catholic perspective, this article surveys some of the key statements made by the Catholic Church over the last couple hundred years about economics and globalization. -- this is a pastoral letter sent out by the American bishops in 1986. It is very long and a bit old, but I would encourage you guys to scroll down through the letter and read some of the particular sections that grab your attention. -- argues for a Trinitarian model of Christian economic practice—in his words, “argues that faith in the Trinity provides the basic pattern for the market system–a system that puts radically different and independent agents into a positive and fruitful relationship.” Basically, he argues that the market system is intrinsically good, but that only the Christian faith creates the type of people who can make it work. Paul, I think you in particular might like this one. -- an introductory article for the Institute for Christian Economics (ICE), self-proclaimed supporters of conservativism and the free market. Highly dogmatic and reactionary, more than anything this is an example of the reductionist “Christian” thinking that idolizes the Bible but poorly understands how it should function within the church today. -- this article attempts to catalogue some of the factors that have led to world hunger. Not extremely well organized or deep, but it has some helpful nuggets here and there. -- entitled “The Busy Christian’s Guide to Catholic Social Teaching, this article is a catalogue of the major Catholic writings/statements on a Christian response to the world of economics. Helpful if you want a quick history of what the Catholic church has said, and it includes a nice timeline of economic happenings from 1770-1970. -- a somewhat interesting discussion of “religious right economics,” comparing the work of supposed Christian economics with the Bush administration . . . a great example of a terrible hermeneutic . . . evidence that we need to give serious thought to the way the Bible should inform our evaluation of economic decisions/involvement. -- examines the effect of globalization on rural areas . . . contains some helpful comments from WCOC, the Pope, and other influential people/groups. -- a statement from the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, this is a sort of creed on “Christian Faith and Economics”. It mentions areas of agreement as well as areas where the various members have not yet reached complete unity. -- an address by an Anglican (Episcopalian) Bishop to a group within his denomination. His address is basically a review of Robert Kaplan’s book The Ends of the Earth – A Journey at the Dawn of the 21st Century. Contains helpful figures on the effect of population explosion . . . closing comments are good (though fairly simple and pointed specifically to the Anglican Church).


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