Sunday, October 30, 2005

week 5 resources

N.T. Wright –The New Testament and the State -- a great article by Wright on many issues that relate to the way the kingdom of God interfaces with the forces of this world. I will do more commenting on some of this later, but I strongly recommend this article, as it will provide a solid foundation for thinking about Christian economics.

Richard Bauckham, “The Economic Critique of Rome in Revelation 18.” This is chapter 10 of The Climax of Prophecy, Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 1993 (ISBN#0.567.08625.9). A very intriguing and important look at Revelation 18.

Richard Foster, “Simplicity.” Celebration of Discipline. Rev. Ed. New York: Harper, 1998. On pages 90-95 he lists ten practical steps for simplifying our lifestyles. Very practical (more anon).

Richard B. Hays, “Sharing Possessions: A Challenge to the Church.” This is in the last section of his The Moral Vision of the New Testament (pp. 464-470). New York: Harper Collins, 1996. This is a short conclusion to his whole book, summarizing some of his thoughts and focusing on the New Testament’s teaching on money. This contains the best short summary of New Testament teaching on this topic that I’ve ever seen. This book is in our library.

US census cite on US economics contains many statistics on imports, exports, payrolls of businesses, etc..

Hundreds of tables and charts containing detailed analysis of poverty in the US. See especially poverty rates from 1959-2004 and poverty rates by age and rates by states.

Poverty tables for 2004, see especially the table on 2004 poverty thresholds (to see how the US gov’t measures poverty).

Statistics on US poverty over the past few decades.


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